Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds make eating, writing, reading and watching television more comfortable and can improve breathing, comfort and safety while sleeping. The adjustable bed frame allows the head and foot position to be adjusted using a hand-held remote control to find the perfect comfort and support position. Electric adjustable beds are available in a variety of widths from twin to king size adjustable beds with many additional features such as deluxe mattresses, massage and special woodwork.

Hospital Beds for Home

Hospital beds are special adjustable beds made for home use. They provide the same health and convenience benefits as regular adjustable beds, but with the addition of bed height adjustability. Hospital beds are available in a variety of heights and with numerous guardrail options. They can be manual, electric, or a combination of the two. A variety of mattress options are also available for hospital beds to meet a wide range of requirements.

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