Grab Bars

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Tub Grab Bars for Secure Entry and Exit From Your Tub

Bathroom grab bars for the tub provide a stable handhold for getting in and out of the tub. They clamp onto most bathtubs and are made of either steel or composite materials for a secure and stable handhold. Tub grab bars are available in a variety of different handle configurations, heights, and methods of attachment.

Wall Bars or Bathroom Shower Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars can be mounted almost anywhere in the bathroom to provide a permanent handhold for moving about the bathroom. They can be used as bathroom shower grab bars or near the toilet. Bathroom grab bars are available in a variety of lengths, colours and finishes and can be straight, curved, right angle or even swing away wall bars. Proper installation is crucial for bathroom grab bars and special fasteners are available that make them almost impossible to pull out of the wall – even if studs can’t be found. Special precautions need to be taken also when drilling into ceramic tile to ensure that the tiles don’t crack. Our highly trained installers will ensure that your grab bars stay put and that there is no damage to your ceramic tile finish. Suction grab bars are even available for a secure handhold while travelling.

Contact one of our stores across Canada for a free in-home assessment to determine which bathroom grab bars you need and where they should be placed for the greatest benefit.

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