Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

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When you need to travel, take your wheelchair or scooter with you, with options for inside or outside your vehicle. No matter what your specific need is, there's a vehicle lift perfect for you.

Power Wheelchair Lift for SUV or Van Travel

Sports utility, crossover vehicles and vans can utilize interior and exterior hoist or platform-style lifts to carry your wheelchair or medical scooter…. And you are able to re-install it when you change vehicles.

Truck Mounted Wheelchair Lift

When you need to travel with your wheelchair, scooter or power chair choose from lifts that easily stow it in the truck bed or behind your truck.

Wheelchair or Scooter Lift for Car Travel

If you need a scooter, power chair or wheelchair lift for your car, there are a variety of simple solutions… even wheelchair lifts for car trunks! Contact one of our locations across Canada to discover the mobile wheelchair lift solution that will work best for you.