Walkers and Rollators

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Walkers and rollators, when set to the optimum height, can help to support those with limited walking ability so they can enjoy mobility with increased safety and independence. It is important to note that an improperly set up walker or rollator can be difficult to use and have a negative impact on your health. Our qualified technicians will ensure that your walker is properly set up and adjusted to provide you with the maximum benefit.

Medical walkers are available in 2 standard configurations: the standard aluminum walker, generally best used indoors and the walker with wheels, or rollator, which is an effective walking support for indoors or outside. Most brands offer folding walkers for easy of transport and storage when not in use.

Medical Walkers

Standard medical walkers are designed mainly for indoor use. Aluminum construction makes them light weight, portable and easy to use. All medical walkers are height adjustable and accessories can be added to increase usability and to meet specific needs. Two wheel walkers are also available. These front wheel walkers offer slightly increased mobility.

Rollator Walkers

Rollators are more versatile than the standard medical walkers. They are available in a variety of weights, seat heights, handle configurations, and styles. Although 3 wheel walkers are available, the majority of rollators have the stability of 4 wheels and include a seat for resting and a basket for carrying personal items as you walk.

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