Zero Gravity Lift Chair

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Power lift recliners assist you in getting up or sitting down in your chair by raising or lowering the entire chair with just the touch of a button. They also reduce back pain by allowing you to sit down more gently. Power lift recliners are ideal for people who have leg, back, or balance issues, or who have recently had surgery that temporarily affects their mobility.

The Benefits of a Zero-Gravity Power Lift Recliner

Infinite position lift chair recliners are capable of reclining to any position from straight up to laying flat for sleeping, but also to the Trendelenburg position where your feet are elevated above your heart, and your heart is elevated above your head, improving blood circulation.

The most deluxe power lift recliners provide an additional zero-gravity position which moves the seat so the body experiences a relaxed "S" position, keeping your feet above your heart, so your heart works less and you relax more. It also helps improve circulation and reduces stress on your spine, relieving the discomfort of back pain. A zero gravity power lift recliner allows for nearly any position allowing you to find the perfect solution for comfort and pain relief.

The zero gravity power lift recliner ottoman has its own motor and control switch for independent positioning. This allows you to raise your legs while sitting straight up, or in any recline position. Separate buttons operate the recliner positioning and the stand-up lift mechanism.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Zero Gravity Power Lift Recliner

There are a variety of power lift recliners available with multiple fabric choices and styles to fit any décor. They can even provide heat and massage benefits. Let us help you to increase your independence, safety and well being. Contact us and we’ll connect you to one of our stores across Canada to help find the best power lift recliner that's right for you. They will even be available to deliver and set it up for you.