Curved Rail Stairlift

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Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners? 

Stairlifts can be made to fit nearly any type of staircase imaginable, including fitting a stairlift on curved stairs or a stairlift for spiral staircase applications. Stairways with turns are a little more challenging to install than straight stair lifts. The simplest solution for a stairlift on curved stairs involves two straight stair lifts, but changing chairs mid-way probably isn’t the wisest decision. It’s not worth the risk of falling because two straight stairlifts seemed like the easier choice. Having a curved rail stairlift installed is a much more effective solution.

What is a Curved Stairlift?

A curved rail stairlift can be custom configured to fit your staircase bottom to top. To go around a corner, you need a special rail that bends at the same angle as your staircase, so it fits perfectly (and takes up less of your stair space). Manufacturing and installing a curved rail stairlift used to be expensive in the past, but due to advancements in manufacturing processes, a stairlift on curved stairs is much easier to afford and install today.

What About Stairlifts for Narrow Curved Stairs?

There are a variety of curved rail stairlift options to Solve Unique Situations. Some models include the ability to automatically fold up the footrest along with the seat and armrests. This keeps the stairlift nicely tucked away to provide more space on the stairs for other users. Sometimes space constraints mean you can’t park the stairlift at the bottom of the staircase, even with the seat, foot and armrest folded. A curved track addition at the end allows you to bend the track in any direction needed so you can safely park the stairlift out of the way, optimizing space and safety for others using the stairs.

Some residential stairlift systems include the ability to swivel your seat toward the landing once you reach the top. This ensures you are getting on and off your stairlift toward the landing and away from the stairs, which decreases the risk of falling.

If there are doorways at the top or bottom of your stairs, there are options available to lift the end of the track so that the door can easily close.

We Can Help You Discover the Best Curved Stairlift to Enhance Your Life

At Ability Members Group, the stairlift technicians in each of our stores have the experience to help you plan the perfect curved rail stairlift to fit your unique needs and to solve specific challenges. Please contact us and we’ll connect you to your nearest store who will help you figure out which stairlift option is best for you and your home.