External Stairlift

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Can a Stairlift Be Used Outside?

Stairlifts aren’t just for inside your house. An external stairlift functions the same way and has the same components as an indoor stairlift, but extensive weatherproofing means they operate even at extreme temperatures. Precipitation, dirt and wind will not damage the control boards and motor and they come with a marine-grade vinyl padded seat and weather resistant cover. External stairlifts are built to stand the test of time. The chair won’t age from being outside and won’t fade in the sun.

An external stairlift is a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs year-round. From just a few steps to a full staircase, external stairlifts can be installed on both straight and curved staircases.

Some External Stairlift Features

They are dependable… External stairlifts are battery powered so you’ll never get stuck on your stairs, even in a power outage. They are secure… they are lockable with a key.. They are safe… most external stairlifts have sensors to detect obstructions on the stairway. The stairlift will come to a gentle stop so the obstruction can be cleared away.

At Ability Members Group, the stairlift technicians in each of our stores have the experience to help you plan the perfect external stairlift system to fit your unique needs and to solve specific challenges. Please contact us and we’ll connect you to your nearest store who will help you figure out which stairlift is best for you and your home.