Membership Benefits

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Why Would I Want to Join Ability Members Group?

We leverage the collective buying power of seasoned Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers across Canada and provide:

  • Long term price protection
  • Long term protection in access and supply

But Ability Members Group is so much more than just buying power:

  • its about peer support from other industry knowledgeable Members
  • Members have access to an exclusive “Members Only” Portal.
  • membership means you have a voice, with regular Member meetings
  • Annual Member Conference and Supplier Day
  • Supplier support and RFP Assistance. 

How does Ability Members Group Differ from our Competitors?

  1. Membership is Simple: 
Members pay monthly fees based on annual sales and nominally share other cost saving advantages. 
  2. We’re Completely Transparent:
Our pricing, discounts and terms are negotiated with suppliers and passed directly to our Members.
  3. Highly Competitive Costs:
Cost of membership is clearly defined and is the most competitive in the marketplace. We also charge you just one monthly membership fee, even if you operate more than one location.
  4. Canadian Owned and Managed

Who are Our Designated Suppliers?

As a Member, you’ll have access to designated suppliers that are representative of the key manufacturers in the HME industry.

What is Ability Members Group strategy for growth?

Our priorities are simple: look after our existing membership while constantly leveraging buying power by recruiting new members to expand our power and reach. Our success will be measured in terms of membership growth, increased sales and profitability of each member, and about introducing enhanced services and group benefits.

And also…

Ability Members Group takes pride in being members of OHMEPA (Ontario Home Medical Equipment Providers Association) and HMEPA-BC (Home Medical Equipment Providers Association of BC).

At Ability Members Group you’ll enjoy all the benefits of strength in numbers while you run your business your way.