Patient Lifts

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When it comes to patient transfers, safety for the caregiver is as important an aspect as patient safety. Many of our stores provide overhead patient lift systems and portable electric patient lifts to that help healthcare providers and caregivers perform patient transfers in the bathroom, for bed lifts and anywhere else that requires safe patient handling. They ease the process of lifting while protecting the health and safety of both the person being lifted and the caregiver performing the patient lift.

We’ll help you determine the best solution, provide product training for both client and caregiver, and installation services as well.

Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift Systems

Ceiling lifts for patients use a series of tracks mounted to the ceiling, an electric lift motor and nylon slings to provide safe patient handling and patient transfers to various locations. They are a newer and safer method of safe patient handling than floor lifts. The caregiver guides the patient along the ceiling track lift rather than pushing them with a portable lift along the floor. Movement can also be power assisted, allowing for independent operation by some individuals.

Portable Patient Lift Transfer Devices

Portable electric patient lift systems are an efficient way of providing safe patient handling and transfers from a wheelchair or power chair to a toilet, bed or change table if overhead patient lift systems are not an option.

Two types of portable lift systems:

A Stand-up lift is simpler and more efficient for patient transfers but requires that the patient be able to support his/her own weight for a short period.
Patient lift slings are a bit more complex and time consuming but requires no weight-bearing ability from the individual as the patient transfer is completed using a mobile lift and a nylon sling. The sling lift must be used in conjunction with at least one caregiver.

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