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How Do Bath Lifts Work?

Bath lift systems are ideal for those who enjoy the benefits of a warm bath but are not comfortable with their ability to safely get in and out of a deep bathtub. If you find bathing increasingly challenging, you may find a bath lift is the perfect solution to improve your independence and help you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bathing once again.

A bath lift is a powered device that, with the touch of a button, safely and easily lowers you into the bath and lifts you out again when you are done. Many bath lift models do not require any special installation. Please be aware that the depth of the seat back pushes you a bit further forward in the tub, so take that into consideration as there will be slightly less room to extend your legs. Most bath lift models have suction cup feet that secure the lift to smooth tub floors and are designed to readily fit the width of standard-sized bath tubs. Some bath lifts are specially designed and are perfect as a bath lift for a jacuzzi tub.

It is generally advisable to pick the widest bath lift your tub will accommodate. A seat that extends to meet the tub wall helps create a bridge between the inside and outside of the tub. Many bath lift systems have flaps attached to the sides of the seat to extend out over the tub wall. When the lift is at full height, the flaps make it easier and safer to transfer on and off the lift.

Some manufacturers offer a sliding or rotating disk, which can be added to the top of a bath lift seat. This makes it easier to turn your bottom as you lift your legs over the tub wall. Headrest attachments are also often available for taller individuals, chest straps and seat belts for individuals with poor sitting balance, wedges to prevent slipping forward and washable hygienic seat covers.

There are several types of bath lifts available but the most popular type is the battery operated bath lift:

Battery Operated Bath Lifts

Most battery operated bath lifts complete up to 20 lifts before needing a recharge. This varies based on the bath lift model, user weight, and the age of the installed battery. Most bath lift models, as a safety measure, prevent the chair from being lowered into the tub unless there is sufficient charge for it to come back up. This type of bath lift has potential to work well for a person of average height, who is unable to independently get themselves up and down from the bathtub floor, yet still has sufficient balance skills to safely sit down on and stand up from the seat. Choose a bath lift able to rise at least even with the top edge of your tub wall. Most battery operated bath lifts have a maximum seat height of 17”-18”... some even higher. Also keep in mind, that the bath seat remains under you at the bottom of the tub. The lower the bath lift allows you to go, the more submerged you’ll be in the water. Some battery operated bath lifts can achieve a seat height less than 2.5". Many bath lifts can lift up to 400 lbs. but heavy duty bath lifts are available with a weight capacity up to 500 lbs. to handle the needs of bariatric clients.

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